Sky blue and Kansas city kick off nwsl on saturday

Sky blue and Kansas city are going to be kicking off the anticipated 2014 nwsl season on Saturday 8:00pm at FC Kansas city's home ground at the Verizon Wireless Field! It will be the second time sky blue kicks start the nwsl into motion as last year it was Sky blue and Portland Thorns who played in the nwsl very first game!

On the match on Sunday being played at Kansas city's new stadium at University of Missouri in Kansas... so it will mean alot to Kansas city not to jinx (do people actually still use that word.. who knows I just did anyway) their new home with a loss..... they really do need a win!

Remember you can watch this game free and all the other nwsl games streamed LIVE on the official nwsl YouTube channel!

For this particular game go to (dont try watching the game just yet as YouTube cannot see into the matter how many ads you watch... you'll just see a black screen)

Sky blue will be playing host later on, when at their home stadium Yurcak Field they will be taking on the NWSL champions Portland Thorns on April 19th!

For fc Kansas city they will be playing away in their next 4 matches against the like of Washington spirit and Portland Thorns they will then return back to their brand new stadium again when they play Chicago Red stars which will be on 30th april, so lets hope they havnt jinxed the stadium for that game!



Dont like the youtube streaming idea to be honest!

I dont like the whole youtube live steaming thing... I like the idea of free live streaming of the matches on the internet but putting it on youtube kind of for me lessens the event, kinda like something ammetuar would do.. what they should have done is create a website or something with a really great design and really made something special and unique they would also have more control if they put it on their own site..... they could have enabled social comments or something to get "social" much better than the standard bore that is youtube... it is almost like they are just trying to get cheap youtube traffic.. I dunno it is not as though there are any real clear advantages of putting it on youtube. youtube far too many ads and just annoys people nowadays ! It is these small details that can set them apart and make something that lasts... unique branding is needed to survive otherwise nwsl may end up just like all the other women's soccer leagues no matter how good and talented the league actually is.

I get what your saying, as

I get what your saying, it is as though the nwsl is putting more priority on YouTube than trying to get a bigger tv presence or rather the nwsl is getting pushed out of tv and using YouTube as alternative to show the games...which isnt good! and I think your right creating a dedicated and original website that people can share rather than a YouTube channel probably a much better idea especially if you make it really good one that offers fans more...