Boston Breakers destroy Northeastern University

We have seen NWSL not play there best so far in exhibition matches against uni teams but nobody really can say this about Boston breakers as they destroy Northeastern University and this is how they did it...

The Boston breakers have had a huge victory in there recent exhibition matches against Northeastern University as they beat them 6-0!

This preseason win will surely help lift the Boston Breakers confidence for the start of the NWSL season set to kick off in 17 days time.
Devanna who just joined the team and was her second day with the team in training proving she is a good signing was the first to score almost straight away, 1 minute after the start of play, scoring with a header which was her first touch of the ball too. Devanna after the game said she isnt used to playing such freezing conditions but head coach Tom Durkin for the Breakers added that Devanna adds a "new dimension" to the team and showed promise and "good movement" in this game!

It was then a long wait till the next 5 goals, which were all in the last 35 minutes of game time. Schoepfe scored the second goal, Pathman the third from a cross made by Evans, and just after that Pathman did the same for Evans crossing it over giving Evans the chance to get on the scoreboard which she did...making the score 4-0 later Evans then later scored a second goal from a rebound off a shot from Schoepfer, and finally Schoepfer ending the match 6-0 scored from a free kick all the way back from 30 yard smashing it into the back of the net.

In the last 35 minutes NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITIES hopes crumbled and as the goal mounted up it was just impossible for them to make a return. The boston Breakers I think are the ones to watch in the next season of NWSL after all in this game they worked as a team and didnt hog the ball as they created chances for other players even really new players like Devanna and its all looking good for the Breakers at the moment.