Marisa Abegg retires from soccer

Marisa Abegg has been a legend on the soccer pitch for many years she is a undoubtedly good defender many have looked up too, that has had a good soccer career to boast about but it has been officially announced that the last NWPSL 2013 season will be her last as she calls it a day. She man age to end her professional soccer career on a high with the Washington spirits. She has played for many different teams in lots of different leagues including the womens professional soccer league, WPSL, WPSL Elite and the NWPSL.

Plantar fasciitis

A guide on what you need to know about Plantar fasciits from symptoms to ways to treat and prevent it. I have written this small guide because I thought it would be very helpful to us soccer players as plantar fasciitis is a very common injury that affects quite a lot of soccer players.. it is a foot injury after all and we do use our feet a lot!


Mini health soccer guide

In this guide I will be telling you exactly how you can get healthy for the next soccer season! Firstly it goes without saying that if you smoke you got to stop and IMMEDIATELY! This also goes for alcohol and drugs too all harmful substances can really impact your health in so many ways. Smoking clogs up your arteries with also sorts of bad chemicals and tar sticking to your organs and causing cell mutations which can cause cancer....


US womens team roster Cyprus cup

US women''s soccer team get set for international games in Spain in the Cyprus cup after they announce their official team roster. US women''s soccer team set play abroad in thee international games in Spain against japan on this 1st of march then onto Sweden 3 days later on the 3rd of march and then finally Norway on the march 5th. The coach for the us team Steven Swanson is planning on taking a 20 player roster with him to help him decide next season, in these 20 players there will be seasoned pros and younger rookies trying to prove themselves and fight for their places next season.

Kansas City signs Jen Buczkowski

Jen Buczkowski proved herself as a great defensive midfielder last season and it would be a great shame if Kansas city let her go but they aren''t doing this as they have just signed a new contract with her. Jen Buczkowski has a new contract which spans through the 2015 season of the NWSL it has been officially announced. In a interview with the technical director for the side Huw Williams he said that Kansas city is panning on improving the team with new player signings but also wants to keep the team strong with proven "core" players he said.


New York Flash signs Barcelona captain

New york flash grab a new player all the way from Barcelona and not just any old player but their captain! New york flash has a new player on their side next season and they come all the way from Barcelona maybe the New york flash are hoping for there very own Messi. María Victoria Losada Gómez is set to start playing for the new york team that if goes okay with their p1 visa and transfer certificate but I doubt that will be much of a problem. The flash Manager has spoken out about the new signing of the captain of Barcelona saying he is "really excited".


Canada team roster

Canada roster announced for 2014 Cyprus cup.. but are they good enough? They have brought along with them many good players in their line up to help with their efforts to play and hopefully win the Cyprus cup.. they have already won this cup three times already but 2012, and 2013 just haven''t been there years! The team that will be playing in the med will look familiar as there are only a a few swaps around from the team you all have seen playing against the US in that friendly back in Texas last month. At the start of the group stages Canada has been chucked in at the depe end.

How to do more kick ups (keepy uppys)

Kick ups are a great party trick! One way to improve your coordination and footie skills is through practicing kick ups and not only that you can really impress your friends with sometimes more than actually playing good in a game (I think the number of kick ups you can do is more scalable and less subjective than playing in football game). With better control over the ball it should be that the more kick ups you do the more skillful with ball you will be... well that what the plan is anyway.


Aching feet

I have been suffering non stop recently with sore aching feet when I play soccer and I really have had enough that is why i have decided to go ahead and go buy some insoles but what to buy?


what insoles to buy?

So what are the best insoles to buy? Should you go for a pair of branded ones that everybody is talking about or should you go and buy some top of the range custom insoles that can cost hundreds of dollars? With so much differences in opinions online and with so much snake oil lingering around on the internet it can make things really difficult to know what to buy. The truth is..