US lose to Denmark 5-3

This is one of those games that only happens once in a while and for the US women's team to lose two games right after each other rarely happens at all in fact a back to back lose like this last happened in 2001 thats how rare it is for them to lose matches consecutively like this whats more the us have not lost to Denmark since 2004...

Canada beat finland

Canada womens team has beat Finland in a great match finishing 3-0

Canada manged to break down the Finland team in the opening to the Cyprus cup which saw Canada beat Finland in epic style.

Sophie schmidt who scored twice in the first half and Christine Sinclair also managed a second half goal making it her 148th goal in her career.
Finland did not even threaten the Canadian side with Canada dominating through out... however it was only at the 35 minute that goals started coming in.

Why we need Philadelphia independence soccer team!


Site update: Sorry about the boat ride!

Hello, Its been heck of a journey for WomensProSoccer as we try and get the website just right and finally we have just about sorted out everything for you guys! If you regularly come here yo may have noticed the constant changes in site design and even at times WPS may have just displayed the white screen of death.
What went on

Kansas city signs two new contracts

Kansas city have been busy as they have announced that they have signed two new contracts for one old and one new player

Leigh Ann Robinson has been signed to a new contract for Kansas city.


Philadelphia a look back

Whats the latest goings on in the women''s soccer scene over in Philadelphia? Well lots of has been going on... In men''s soccer Philadelphia union played the ney York red bulls in a epic game with tons of action which didn''t turn out to well for the Philadelphia side though ending with a final score of 1-2 to the Red bulls where all the goals where scored in the first half of the match.


Soccer vs American Football

Football is the best sport known to woman. Even though I am from America and it confuses and drives my friends crazy I call it football just like the Europeans do even though its soccer in America, WHY? because that is what it is football and I have always been confused why American football is called football and seems to have nicked the name from actual football even though players in American football hardly ever use their feet, well certainly not as much as really footie goes where it is all about the skills you have with your feet and the ball..

how to protect your feet

A soccer players feet are the most important things in the world to them. That why they need to protect them. Soccer may not look it but it is a very dangerous sport for our feet! I have been playing soccer for many years now.... and in that time I have sustained many many injuries which could have easily been avoided if I was wearing the right footwear and insoles.... I have came to realize that insoles are the most important piece of equipment in soccer.... (yes you need a ball to play but I am talking about protection).


Reign FC signs new goalkeeper Haley Kopmeyer

Looks as though Reign FC have a new permanent goalkeeper, but you may have already seen this one play for Reign before... Reign FC (Seattle) has just announced that they have done a deal with goalkeeper Haley Kopmeyer to be part of the team at the start of the next season of the NWSL. Kopmeyer has been a backup for the team last season, helping standing in for Hope solo who sustained a wrist injury in the last stages of the 1013 season. This deal will mean Kopmeyer will hopefully be used more.


Marisa Abegg retires from soccer

Marisa Abegg has been a legend on the soccer pitch for many years she is a undoubtedly good defender many have looked up too, that has had a good soccer career to boast about but it has been officially announced that the last NWPSL 2013 season will be her last as she calls it a day. She man age to end her professional soccer career on a high with the Washington spirits. She has played for many different teams in lots of different leagues including the womens professional soccer league, WPSL, WPSL Elite and the NWPSL.