The Red star's announces preseason 25 player roster

What do you think of the Chicago red star preseason roster? Find out who is on the team and who isn't!


Western New York flash 2014 25 PLAYER ROSTER

The team cannot have all 29 previously selected players in their roster according to NWSL so Western New york flash just has 25 picked players now!

WNY has reduced its preseason roster from 29 to 25 in accordance to national women soccer league rules.


Western New York flash lose their goalkeeper because of anterior cruciate ligament injury

ACL knee injury puts Western New York flash goalkeeper Adrianna Franch out for the season before it even begins!


Sky blue FC beat St john 1-0

Sky blue FC luckily scored in the first 2 minutes and so manages to beat ST. john in a close game last Saturday but if they didn't it might have been a nil-nil draw.
The game was being held in the Belson Stadium as part of a preseason exhibition match to warm up the Sky blue FC for the next season of the NWSL that kicks off in April...


Boston Breakers new striker Lisa De Vanna

Boston Breakers have a new player that they have traded with Sky Blue fc in return for a 2014 international roster spot and also first pickings in the 2015 College draft in the NWSL it has been announced.

Lee Billiard who is the General manager for the Boston Breakers reckons it was a good trade and is very excited as he reckons that Lisa will bring a lot to the table and hopefully with score lots of goals for the team.. that's what it is all about really!


WPSL 17 new teams to compete this season

WPSL formed in 1998 its is one of the longest running and is one of the biggest soccer leagues set up for womens in america and is always expanding and growing this year 17 teams are to compete in the WPSL (Womens premier soccer league, yes I know all the different letters and all the different leagues can get very confusing) 2014 season which is getting set to kick start this summer.

It got to be said that 17 new teams is big very big!

So who has joined the WPSL?


Reign FC Preseason Roster

Reign FC who are based in Seattle have just let slip who are in their preseason roster. In their team you have got 5 players from Reigns last season team and a whole load of new players!

But the Reign is finished picking its team for this years NWSL season with a few spots still up for grabs.

Reign have already started training in Seattle and the international players that thye have picked will join up with the rest of the team on Monday 17 march.


RVA FC and Chesterfield United Join WPSL


WPSL have two new teams ready to go for the 2015 season! Who are they?


Sky Blue preseason roster for 2014

Sky Blue preseason roster for 2014 national womens soccer league has been announced and the team is full of new rookie players ready to prove themselves... we have already seen the roster for the Red stars so how about for Sky blue?

In sky Blue's team you are going to be seeing eight previous players who made it back from the first season of the NWSL and many newcomers as well like Maya Hayes.

The Pre season team looks like this... will this be the team playing in the 2014 who knows...


Red stars Pre-Season team

21 players have been selected for the NWSL preseason team and in the selection is a lot of new players! Not only that the red stars will also be playing a number of warm up games before the start of the next season its good to see the Red stars taking the NWSL so seriously.

Chicago has told everyone the NWSL Preseason roster as they start training for the start of the new NWSL season. The red stars have a lot of old and even more new faces on the team.